Quinta Da Penha Longa

Penha Longa, Portugal

5 ha


The access to the hotel will be at the center between the aparthotel, with a line of trees and a forest that surrounds it, and the hotel, with the landscape opening to the golf course and the invitation to explore the surrounding area.

The path design will have parking areas to be used only by the buggies. The visitors can pick them up and go directly to the golf course.

At all times of visual contact with the outside, it is intended that the user confuses the built with the landscape. The ecological green roofs are intended to be predominantly sedum and native herbaceous planting and would be inaccessible by residents in the hotel. They provide a haven for wildlife and offer a visual interest to the surroundings.

The green roof system provides a mosaic of additional wildlife habitats, as well as rainwater attenuation and harvesting systems to maximize the potential ecological enhancement space within the development.

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