Hoa Sen Park

Quy Nhon, Vietnam



Along the boulevard and facing the sea, the building consists of two towers that organize the construction of the project in two phases.
A four levels base podium with undergrounds organizes all the economic activities offered to various tourists with a mixed program: cultural, commercial, sportive and entertainment.

The project’s ground floors are organized for car parks and logistical spaces required for maintenance of the palace and the mall. The high rise ceiling allows trucks to deliver the lifts for kitchens and stores.
The terrace balcony (at the 4th floor) is a precious space in the hotel with reflecting pools, fitness and relaxation centers, panoramic restaurants. Under a rain of lights, the hotel guests can relax in an unusual and unique area… This belvedere space illustrates the spa architecture, a space of “manners and delicacy” in the balcony on the horizon.

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