Quy Nhon Museum

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

1.3 ha


We won the AMP 2022 architecture award with the concept of Binh Dinh Green Waves museum.

Far more than a building, Quy Nhon Museum project means an opportunity to reconnect and bring all the open space surrounding the building together. The museum will happen both inside and outside its walls, both on top and below its roof, and so will the city.

That award also rewards our partners Lequang-architect – s on architecture and SCA for technical support

The design takes into consideration the many different environmental conditions which are found throughout the site: the museum uses a unique ecosystem designed to support the diverse conditions of rooftop spaces, coastal exposures and sheltered spaces. This diversity provides the ramblers with a series of unique experiences, while creating a habitat for a variety of local species.

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